American Investment Services, Inc.

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Plan Proposals

AIS will prepare a plan proposal at no cost or obligation that includes:

  • Expense-Return Spreadsheet – this spreadsheet provides a breakdown of all fund and investment expenses under the existing plan and compares them side-by-side to the fund-investment expenses of the proposed plan.
  • The summary breaks down all of the costs involved in the current retirement program and compares them to all of the costs involved in the proposed program. The Summary includes the fees for ALL related plan services and the fees of each recommended service provider included in the AIS Recommendations Report.
  • Cost Comparison Summary
  • Recommendations Report
  • Other Proposals

AIS works with many third party administrators, recordkeepers, payroll companies and custodians. The Recommendations Report includes a list of recommended providers for your program. A list of all referred consultants’ is included for your due diligence. It is not necessary to retain any of the recommended providers referred by AIS in order to retain AIS.

The AIS proposal package includes actual fees from all recommended service providers and client references.

To request a proposal contact AIS at 888-528-1216.