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Retirement Plan Investment Consulting Services

Participant directed retirement plans, most commonly 401(k) plans and 403(b) plans, have become the overwhelming trend among employers. As the title suggests, under a participant directed plan, eligible employees can choose how to allocate their retirement accounts, among the investments provided under the plan. AIS provides retirement plan consulting services on two levels: Services for the

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Plan Proposals

AIS will prepare a plan proposal at no cost or obligation that includes: Expense-Return Spreadsheet – this spreadsheet provides a breakdown of all fund and investment expenses under the existing plan and compares them side-by-side to the fund-investment expenses of the proposed plan. The summary breaks down all of the costs involved in the current

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Plan Illustrations

Existing Plans The AIS Retirement Plan Services Department will provide retirement plan illustrations that compare the current employer objectives to the existing retirement program, including both design and administration. Our illustrations include: A comparison of the current plan design with recommended or proposed plan design A spreadsheet illustration that demonstrates the current employer contribution allocation and

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Retirement Plans

The financial presshas recently discovered that low-cost index funds are the prudent choice for 401(k) plans (see More Index Funds Sought for 401(k)s in the 7/18/09 Wall Street Journal). This is not news to AIS -we have been a steadfast proponent of this approach in our retirement plan services. Plan sponsors meet with little resistance

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