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Business Continuity Disclosure

American Investment Services (“AIS”) has developed a Business Continuity Plan that is intended to permit us to continue critical business operations during significant business disruptions (“SBD”). The Plan anticipates two kinds of SBDs, internal and external. Internal SBDs affect only our firm’s ability to communicate and do business. External SBDs prevent the operation of the securities markets or a number of firms, such as a wide-scale, regional disruption.
AIS’s Business Continuity Plan is to respond by making a financial and operational assessment, quickly resuming operations and allowing our clients to transact business. In the event of any SBD, we will immediately identify what means will permit us to communicate with our clients, employees, critical business constituents and regulators, which will include voice mail or posting a message to our web site home page (

AIS does not maintain custody of clients’ funds or securities, as these assets are maintained independently at the custodians. In the event of any SBD, our clients will be directed to contact their custodian for access to their accounts as listed below:


Telephone #


Charles Schwab


TD Ameritrade


Fidelity Investments


With regard to data back-up and recovery, our third party IT service provider provides computer data backup and recovery services. This facility is located well away from our office, so it would not be affected an internal SBD, and has adequate office space to house AIS employees to conduct day-to-day operations for a limited period of time if needed.

AIS believes our Business Continuity Plan is sound and well crafted, but we cannot anticipate every possible scenario. Our plan will be reviewed, updated and tested periodically.