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Plan Illustrations

Existing Plans

The AIS Retirement Plan Services Department will provide retirement plan illustrations that compare the current employer objectives to the existing retirement program, including both design and administration. Our illustrations include:

  • A comparison of the current plan design with recommended or proposed plan design
  • A spreadsheet illustration that demonstrates the current employer contribution allocation and an alternative contribution allocation (if proposed)
  • Maximum deferrals and contributions for key and highly compensated empoyees
  • A review of the existing plan documents to ensure compliance (including a checklist of any recommended changes and comments)
  • A summary of findings

pdf-trans Download forms to submit for your no obligation Retirement Plan Illustration

New Plans

If you are considering implementation of a qualified plan, AIS will provide visual allocation and contribution requirements. If you are considering implementing an “employee contributory only” 401(k) plan, AIS provides a survey so that preliminary testing can be completed. This review reveals whether an employee contributory only plan is feasible based upon cost and projected limits for highly compensated employees.  

The illustration for a new plan includes:

  • Whether plan sponorship is a viable option based on the goals, objectives and financial commitment of the employer.
  • Provide a snapshot of each qualified plan that includes funding requirements, if any, the allocation/accrual for all key and highly compensated employees.
  • A summary of all findings.

 Download forms to submit for your no obligation Retirement Plan Illustration

If you are interested in receiving a retirement plan illustration, please contact AIS at 888-528-1216.