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Retirement Plan Investment Consulting Services

Participant directed retirement plans, most commonly 401(k) plans and 403(b) plans, have become the overwhelming trend among employers. As the title suggests, under a participant directed plan, eligible employees can choose how to allocate their retirement accounts, among the investments provided under the plan.

AIS provides retirement plan consulting services on two levels:

Services for the Plan Sponsor

  • Fund selection analysis
  • Written plan investment policy
  • Monitor plan investments
  • Quarterly review
  • Cost Analysis Worksheet
  • Written notification of any fee changes
  • Service as a plan fiduciary
  • Per diem meetings
  • Phone support to plan sponsors with respect to any plan operational and/or technical issues
  • Lifestyle portfolio design

Services to Plan Participants

  • Open enrollment package
  • Initial Education Meeting
  • Phone support for participants having problems with website or transactions
  • Qualified Default Investment Alternative Notices
  • Lifestyle portfolios

Investment Philosophy

Like our other investment consulting services, our approach to retirement planning reflects an abiding belief in the ability of capital markets to reward investors for the capital they supply. Markets are competitive—and that is good news for investors. Firms compete with each other for investment capital, while investors compete for returns. According to the Efficient Market Hypothesis, this relentless quest drives security prices to their fair value so that no investor can expect greater returns without bearing greater risk. For a complete description of our investment approach, see the AIS Home Page and related links.

Participant Education

The investment and education provided to plan participants by AIS offers the mechanism for participants to understand and implement a three step process through the use of lifestyle portfolio allocations models comprised of low cost asset class mutual funds.  Participants can achieve superior risk adjusted returns at the lowest cost and this information is offered in a straight-forward, clearly understood format in our initial and ongoing education meetings. 

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