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Nov. 2007 – The Investment Guide: New Recommendations, New Look

We have changed the “back page” of the INVESTMENT GUIDE in order to provide you with more useful information regarding our recommended investment vehicles. We have also changed our recommendations considerably following a careful review of investment vehicles available for each of our recommended asset classes.

We have eliminated or replaced several recommended investment vehicles. These include: Duff and Phelps Select Income fund (DNP), iShares S&P500 Value Index fund (IVE), iShares Small Cap 600 Value Index fund (IJS), iShares S&P500 Growth Index fund (IVW), and iShares Emerging Market Index fund (EEM). Readers should not be alarmed; there is no need to rush out and sell these previously recommended securities. We have reviewed the entire universe of available investment vehicles and from these we have chosen the best available within each of our recommended asset classes. In most cases the “margin of victory” for the recommended investment vehicle was very slim; our previous recommendations are still excellent investment vehicles (in taxable accounts these remain ideal candidates for year-end “tax swapping”).

DNP merits further discussion. The fund invests primarily in utility stocks, but also holds preferred stocks, bonds and REITs. It is also a leveraged, actively managed closed-end fund. It is inconsistent with passive, asset class investing, so it no longer appears among our recommendations. The fund is, however, valuable in certain accounts, including many trusts, which have an explicit interest in generating investment income (interest and dividends). Readers who continue to hold DNP can get more information by visiting the fund’s website at

Before we explain these changes in greater detail, a review of our approach to investing is in order.

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