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Tyler Warner

June 2024 – Dow 40,000

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA or “the Dow”) crossed the 40,000 level in mid-May. This was perhaps an inevitability, given that stocks have always reached new highs, given enough time. Nonetheless, investors take notice of such milestones, which provides an opportunity to reflect on markets. We noted in our February Investment Guide that the

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March 2024 – The AI Bonanza

Nvidia’s fourth quarter earnings, released in February, ignited a fresh surge in investor enthusiasm, propelling the stock price to new heights. The company (ticker NVDA) is the poster child for the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution currently gripping the stock market. Central to Nvidia’s success are its Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) – innovative computer chips that

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Oct. 2023 – Giving Thanks

As Thanksgiving approaches, the world appears gloomy. War and geopolitical strife dominate the news. Several worrisome trends loom over the US economy, despite signs of growth (see page 66). Meanwhile, rather than inform, the media seems increasingly driven to inflame our passions regarding crime, immigration, education and other serious matters. In this environment it is

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