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Mar. 2023 – Bank Safety, Your Deposits and Your Portfolio

On Sunday, March 12 the Federal Deposit Insurance Corpora- tion (FDIC) announced it would ensure that all depositors at Silicon Valley Bank (ticker SVIB) would have access to their money the next day. This intervention marked the second largest bank failure in his- tory. A similar plan was rolled out for depositors of New York based Signature Bank. Four days later 11 banks deposited $30 billion in First Republic Bank to shore it up and to prevent further contagion. Banking turmoil was not confined to the US – on March 19 the Swiss government and UBS stepped in to save Credit Suisse.

While these events matter greatly to households, both as investors and as bank customers, there is no need to panic. Rather than rely on the wisdom of regulators to protect their wealth, citizens should remain informed. Here we review recent events and banking fundamentals.

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