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July 2023 – The Softer Side Of Retirement Planning

Money is a tool – it is a means to an end. Money alone does not bring life satisfaction, but it can allow you to achieve greater freedom. Retirement may be the ultimate expression of freedom.

Retirement planning usually involves an assessment of whether your life savings are adequate to cover specific planning objectives – housing, food, travel, health care, and so on. We encourage individuals to consider a more holistic retirement plan – one that emphasizes the softer side of planning before diving into number crunching.

The soft side of retirement planning starts by considering personal values. What drives you and makes you feel fulfilled? Specific life planning goals can start to emerge when we first consider these concerns. A financial plan will start to appear that encompasses your financial situation in the context of your values. This broader approach is sometimes referred to as “life planning.”

The father of life planning as a component of financial planning is George Kinder. Kinder has been a pioneer in financial services for over 35 years, spearheading a movement to put the lives that clients desire at the center of their financial plans. His approach deserves consideration.

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