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We offer three customized advisory services:

Professional Asset Management

Professional Asset Management is a low-cost discretionary investment advisory service for an entire portfolio. This service is for those who embrace structured, low cost, personalized asset management but are not inclined to manage their own portfolio. We employ a simple and convenient process that focuses on capturing the returns of an asset class portfolio. We will assume only the risk necessary to provide the highest probability of meeting your financial goals and objectives. Read more...

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Portfolio Allocation Service

Portfolio Allocation Service is a comprehensive low-cost discretionary investment advisory service intended for investors with smaller accounts ($50,000 - $300,000).It is a streamlined service that allows investors to choose from among five predetermined allocation plans depending on their circumstances and tolerance for risk. Read more...

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High-Yield Dow Service

Our discretionary High-Yield Dow service is an investment program for individuals seeking professional management of the U.S. large-cap value segment of their portfolio only. With this service, AIS implements the HYD "4-for-18" model strategy on your behalf. This strategy, based on research AIER conducted on historical returns of Dow Jones Industrial stocks, focuses on holding the four highest yielding stocks for 18 months. Read more...

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“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex...It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
~ Albert Einstein

As a client, you receive a complimentary subscription to our monthly publication Investment Guide.

To get started - fill out a Financial Appraisal Form. Return it to us along with your most recent brokerage statements and we will provide a comprehensive portfolio evaluation and recommendation report at no cost or obligation.

  • AIS's experienced portfolio managers will monitor your portfolio and follow a sound investment strategy based upon our published recommendations.
  • Both PAM and HYD operate through a discount brokerage account at Charles Schwab Institutional, TD Ameritrade Institutional or Fidelity Investments. AIS is given limited power of attorney to place trades and account holders retain full ownership of assets and sole authority to withdraw funds.
  • Through our institutional brokerage arrangements, you will benefit from favorable trade commission schedules. Contact us for the complete rate schedule.
  • At the end of each year we simplify your tax filing efforts by sending to you a detailed accounting of your capital gains and losses for the year.
  • Although we are not financial planners, we are well versed in estate planning, taxation, and other areas of personal finance and as your investment advisor we will gladly work with your accountant or attorney. We can also address estate planning concerns by continuing as low-cost investment advisors to your heirs or trustee so that your survivors will continue to benefit from our investment approach

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