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Jun. 2002 – Investing Abroad

Our parent, AIER, recently reported on misapprehensions over the United States capital-account surplus and corresponding current-account deficit, which have persisted since 1982 (see Research Reports, No. 11, June 10, 2002). Critics assert that the current situation reflects foreigners paying for our profligacy, but they miss the point. The capital surplus is very large because the […]

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Aug. 2002 – CEOs Might Lie – Dividends Don’t

Corporate malfeasance has shattered investors’ confidence in corporate America. The great bull market that began in the early 1980s exacerbated a trend whereby anticipated and announced quarterly earnings were trumpeted by Wall Street above all other considerations. With only three mild recessions, earnings grew steadily, as did stock valuations. But recent corporate revelations and the

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Sept. 2002 – News of War

While politicians and pundits ponder the merits of war, investors too must consider its consequences. Dire warnings, from higher oil prices to the costs of protracted U.S. involvement, are everywhere. At bottom, however, the pertinent question is whether the probability of war and its impact are discounted in the markets. Our investment approach is predicated

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