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Dec. 2021 – Omicron And Your Financial Health

The threat of the Covid virus has persisted stubbornly and has now mutated into the highly virulent Omicron strain. This development is both disheartening and frightening. But investors who follow our approach should, depending on their personal circumstances, stick to their designated allocation plan. The market has grown more turbulent since late November, when Omicron […]

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Nov. 2021 – Regarding China

Hardly a day goes by without a prominent news story pertaining to China. Recent topics have covered the country’s use of forced labor and the financial troubles plaguing real estate giant Evergrande. Geopolitical stories have drawn attention to China’s military buildup, its participation in a multinational climate agreement, and its massive exports vis-a-vis the global

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Jul. 2021 – New Opportunities for Investors

For many years we have utilized mutual funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) in the portfolios of clients enrolled in our Professional Asset Management advisory service. While DFA’s mutual funds remain available only to clients of registered investment advisors such as AIS, the firm recently introduced seven exchange traded funds (ETFs). These are available

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May 2021 – Price Inflation

Consumer prices increased notably in April. It is not yet apparent whether this is a temporary phenomenon or the beginning of a long-term trend induced by an extraordinary fiscal and monetary expansion. But investors appear increasingly uncertain regarding future price inflation; stock markets have been turbulent since the release of this surprising inflation data and

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