AIS Advisory Fee*

Our management fee is among the lowest in the industry.  Our tiered cumulative fee structure is based on assets under management (AUM) where AUM is equal to the combined value of all managed accounts in a household.  Our only source of management revenue is the fee we charge directly; we do not earn any commissions or other compensation on trade nor are we reimbursed by any third party.

  HYD Fees 

  * For our complete fee schedule please see our ADV Part 2A.


Transaction Fees

Our Institutional arrangements with Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and Fidelity provide the following trade commission schedules:


1 Each custodian offers reduced commission rates for total household assets in excess of a fixed "threshold."
2 Each custodian applies the "over threshold" rate to accounts under the threshold for clients who elect to receive electronic statements and trade confirmations in lieu of postal delivery.
3 Accounts transitioning from Fidelity's retail services may qualify for a lower rate.


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